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What's the difference between install methods

Games and spreadsheet processors are built to be easy to install. Server software is built to be run on anything, at the price of complex installation methods.

Build From Source

Pull the code and build and run in yourself. This has two advantages: it uses less resources than any other method, and you can get the latest code before it's officially released.

The down side is you need do some manual configuration. For example, if you want to run mStream when the computer boots, you have to configure that yourself.

Install Package

The simplest way to get setup mStream. It just works

The code is prebuilt with a tool called Electron to add some useful features. Unlike building from source, run on boot works automatically.


If you are not familiar with Docker, think of it as an app store for developers. Docker runs on most systems and automates some configuration like the run on boot feature mentioned previously.

You will need to have Docker installed on your system an you should be comfortable with a command line if you decided to use this method.