Build Your Own
Music Streaming Server

What is mStream?

mStream is a music streaming server. With mStream you can access your music collection from anywhere. You can also sync your collection between your devices for offline access. Think of mStream as your private cloud.

Why Host Your Own Server?

  • Own Your Music: No Ads and your content will never get removed
  • Quality: To the audiophiles and FLAC enthusiasts, you can stream your music uncompressed
  • Privacy: Streaming services collect statistics on your listening habits. Your server will never snitch on you
  • Good for Artists: Buying directly music from artists means your money goes directly to them


Server setup takes 30 seconds

Runs on any OS!


Mobile Apps for
iOS & Android

Stream your music
in any browser


More Features

  • Gapless Playback
  • Milkdrop Visualizer
  • Playlist Sharing
  • Drag and Drop File Uploading

All our code is open source
Check it out on Github