Why mStream?

mStream is a music server anyone can use.

The idea of hosting a private server at home is foreign to most people. The problem is most server software out there is complicated to setup. And most people out there don't have the time to learn the tools needed to setup that software. mStream was built to be a server easy enough for anyone to use.

Who Maintains mStream?

mStream is developed by Iros Software, a small dev team in Boston MA.
If you are interested in working with us or contracting some work out to us, contact the lead developer:

mStream Server VS mStream Express

There are two different release cycles for mStream Server. There is the the 'Core' version which has the most recent code and 'Express' version which is a special packaging of the last stable release of the Core version. mStream Server and mStream Express use the same code base.

The Core version is for experienced users who want lots of configuration options. mStream Core can also be run on ARM boards like a Raspberry Pi or O-Droid. While the The Express version is for anyone who just wants to get the software running as quickly as possible.

mStream Express Features

  • Stream Express has no dependencies. Just download and run!
  • Comes with GUI tools to help manage and configure your server
  • Adds a tray icon for quick access
  • Auto Configuration. The server chooses the optimal settings for your system so you don't have to

Download mStream Express Here

mStream Server Core Features

  • mStream Server Core will have the latest features available immediately. This means things sometimes break though!
  • Runs leaner since the UI management tools are not used
  • Their are some features that are only available to the Core version, such as multi user support
  • Will work on any system that supports NodeJS
  • You will need to be comfortable with the terminal to install and configure this version!

Get the installation instructions on Github